Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie

I record myself eating food and upload it here.

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    Mukbang white castle

  • Nema Ime
    Nema Ime


  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson


  • denis rada
    denis rada

    him: eats 1000+ pockys me losing teefh because i ate one chocolate bar: ayo wtf

  • MR خطر
    MR خطر

    اول عربي

  • Doom’sMysticalBomba

    8:24 Matt Stonie is possessed

  • Len Ong
    Len Ong

    you got 51 : 10 sec bro nice' \

  • Lariette Jane Pelonia
    Lariette Jane Pelonia

    When you wake up and you get a lot of cholesterol just from a BIG breakfast

  • Tanibbe

    Every kid if they would have access to nutella

  • Ranbir Bhatia
    Ranbir Bhatia

    #TeamAntiFattStonie Who's With Me?

  • Taylor Chausky
    Taylor Chausky

    His joy and optimism at the beginning of videos drastically contrasts to his face at the end of videos

  • A.moeez shah
    A.moeez shah


  • Charles Miaral
    Charles Miaral

    This is literally me with my bag of chips when I hear my little cousins are coming up to my room

  • DR Optimistic
    DR Optimistic

    I just want to understand? why people are doing this? I understand they are making advertises, but why they need to eat all this food? and why they got all this number of viewers?? honestly, I just need the answer plz, what about their health? and did these people think or even know there are hunger and poor people around the world? so you can donate half of all this food at least?,

  • Sammykid 2
    Sammykid 2

    I love their 3 finger combos. And I love their famous cane’s sauce.

  • Nycholas Nigel
    Nycholas Nigel

    Are you sneezing?🤮

  • Moosa Faisal
    Moosa Faisal

    Need a tour of his toilet,can't wait

  • Noah Zappia
    Noah Zappia

    Charzard V

  • Cross Fire
    Cross Fire

    Me eating all of chick fal a menu takes 1 hour Matt stonie takes 20 minutes

  • M. T.
    M. T.

    Just eating one is disgusting...

  • InKnIKrex Gaming
    InKnIKrex Gaming

    Matt: Eats very spiced foods Me: Why do I hear coffin dance?

  • CSman

    Matt Stonie - SIVY........ Everybody - Actually Everybody - Pokemon Collectors - "Everyone Disliked That"

  • Sameer Safi
    Sameer Safi

    Who heard the gulp when he was eating the mac and cheese


    It is soooooooooo tasty

  • Aleksandar Kojic
    Aleksandar Kojic

    Matt Stonie: -buys a lot of stuff- The workers: *there goes the crackhead that i see each morning.*

  • 94ジョン でエブ
    94ジョン でエブ

    And i thought my 1min was fast 😱

  • Erom Odianosen
    Erom Odianosen


  • - KING-
    - KING-

    Matt : I feel like go toilet Toilet be like : Ohno no no no no no no pls leave pls I have family Matt : I want to go toilet

  • Bunjamin Cagala
    Bunjamin Cagala

    I am worry for the toilette 😅

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast


  • Mazle Barry
    Mazle Barry

    See how many Popeyes chicken sandwiches you can eat😂

  • _dark

    why does the camera man sound like technoblade

  • Graham Wong
    Graham Wong

    5:50 looks like he have been eating organs

  • Amritha

    Now its okay but when this man go to the toilet. I am praying for him. All the best. I know its 1 year ago youtube recommend me

  • اغاني روعه
    اغاني روعه


  • The King of Antarctica
    The King of Antarctica

    This video was good, but not as good as the deals at Ramos Furniture.

  • SydMhmd Hkl
    SydMhmd Hkl

    Among all the challenges you made, this is probably the only one i think i can finish it myself, i used to eat tons of egg like 10 eggs in a serving every day, man i love them eggs bro, worlds healthiest food at its low price tag

  • Play Boi
    Play Boi

    This has to be a thing

  • jemal nachyebia
    jemal nachyebia

    imagine his poop

  • naim roblox coolnaxm herrboy9876 frend osman
    naim roblox coolnaxm herrboy9876 frend osman

    Plis give me 1000000000000000000 McDonald

  • Gautham Pai
    Gautham Pai

    Nice lipstick

  • Gian Patrick Guerrero
    Gian Patrick Guerrero

    Matt Stonie Deserves a Billion subscribers

  • Grr Newman
    Grr Newman


  • crashall4807915

    Low key this is just high school and collage lol Btw he is gonna have HELLA heart burn after that

  • Alvaro Rafan
    Alvaro Rafan

    2:57 what are you looking matt

  • Kobe Piquero
    Kobe Piquero

    I watched this like 10 times

  • Sky Dragon
    Sky Dragon

    Did I just see someone inhale 12 donuts under 30 seconds

  • J. Benjamin
    J. Benjamin

    That's actually kinda easy tbh

  • beeswarmplayer

    matt makes me hungry, be honest you are hungry too

  • :v

    Bruh ur still not fat lol

  • kristendath kelly
    kristendath kelly

    A bunch of thieves Matt won this

  • Sniper Quallex
    Sniper Quallex

    Im am comment nr 6000

  • Hopkins The Movie
    Hopkins The Movie

    There should be a Christmas version of this challenge, where you eat Christmas cookies while dressed as Santa Claus.


    This guy must shit a lot

  • Pelesiran


  • Keisuke Takahashi
    Keisuke Takahashi

    Me : ( eating fries ) My fiend : um can i get one ? Me : of course , we can share . my friend :

  • Xxxm4rcigamer

    Dopo tutto so cibo hai cagato l olanda

  • ELLZ 74
    ELLZ 74

    Ok I could probably do that but the fact I HAVE to not choke by drinking water after every handful of bacon is just bad

  • Kabir Patnaik
    Kabir Patnaik

    respect from india

  • Hurshy Kalsi
    Hurshy Kalsi

    Imagine asking for a meal this big on death row as your last meal and you beat Matt's record... LOL

  • MyWifiSucks

    You didnt put milk.

  • Szalai György
    Szalai György

    Do u like fating? XD

  • Alfred Jodl
    Alfred Jodl

    Thumbnailnya ngapa jadi kyk tanboy kun asu

  • Vedant Jaiswal
    Vedant Jaiswal

    Fun fact: there's a black hole inside matt stonnie stomach

  • Vedant Jaiswal
    Vedant Jaiswal

    It's just like matt stonnie is a small chest and the food is like whole bed and idk how the whole bed got inside the small chest I would have eaten only the spaghetti 🍝

  • Darik nour
    Darik nour

    Even a whole family cannot finish in that time

  • Ryche

    Why didn't you just weigh them lol


    Hey saapattu raman channel has broken your record!! Proud to be a tamilian!!!

  • Niclas Suomela
    Niclas Suomela

    Pori pop puolinen

  • P-Pizza Gaming
    P-Pizza Gaming

    The toilet must be scared for his life

  • Vaishali Avhale
    Vaishali Avhale

    I can eat 130 cookies in 15:00 minutes

  • abolfazl freefire
    abolfazl freefire

    بالا اوردم

  • The One Who Oofed You
    The One Who Oofed You

    Eating a whole 20 potatoes wont be that painful than slices

  • Brahbra ThumIn
    Brahbra ThumIn

    Shd Looks IMPOSSIBLE , but good Work 💯

  • Dan Fernandez
    Dan Fernandez

    Do this again man! Lol

  • Alfred Goh
    Alfred Goh

    At first: LETS START!! At the end: *URGH*

  • lucas vlogs and game
    lucas vlogs and game

    How is he eating so much and still skinny

  • Chandler Trowbridge
    Chandler Trowbridge

    I cant be the only one to wonder how long this man is on the toilet for the next day

  • samurai Gaming
    samurai Gaming

    Dogs stomach: You fucking son of bitch you killed the half of me matts stomach: Im dead cause the last time i had to suffer 10k+ cals and now i had to to do noodles which had many sodium

  • Maaz Ejaz E-8 27
    Maaz Ejaz E-8 27

    It will be really hard to watch without the music.